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16. March 2016


«It is the encounters with people that make life worth living.»
(Guy de Maupassant, 1850—1893)

Where people meet, they are often spectators, but at times on stage. Today they are only passers-by, but tomorrow actors, engaging and getting in touch with others and then again just drifting with the crowd. Encounters build communities and therefore the vitality that helps create lively, attractive and convivial open spaces.

How can neighborhoods, parks and living environments be transformed into space of public encounters? What do different generations, cultures and user groups need in public spaces? What makes them stay and use them?

During the conference we will discuss the fundamentals of planning based on the facets of the everyday life. We debate how landscape architecture facilitates the meeting of people and we present examples of open spaces with the guiding theme of encounter.

The Rapperswiler Meeting 2016 is a part of the campaign «Gartenjahr 2016 — Raum für Begegnungen» («Garten 2016 space for encounters»)  www.gartenjahr2016.ch

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