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March, 16 2018


Success story of landscape architecture

Like any good planning, successful landscape architecture requires specialist knowledge, perseverance, foresight, curiosity and courage and often also luck, the right time and the right partners. It is important to track down the potential of each task and persistently search for the special — even when the specifications and circumstances present us with challenges. A design process often begins as a venture.

How is good landscape architecture created?
What is certain is that it shows itself in a variety of forms and that the grand gesture is not necessarily required for this. Sometimes the trigger is a collaboration in which all those involved open up new paths in the project through impartiality, sometimes it is innovation and a spirit of research that open up remarkable approaches to solutions. Careful planning mediates between the demands of investors and users, or a park becomes a sustainable meeting place because all those involved face up to both social and creative responsibility.

On Rapperswil Day, we present both daring projects and successful projects and we want to know: What makes good landscape architecture today? How do we develop continuously?

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