Rapperswiler Tag
12. März 2021

Stinging nettle or wasabi?

Rethinking plants

Plants are alive, veritable, in motion, and mutable. They actively perceive, feel, act, and react to their environments. They are the connection between soil and the atmosphere and make life possible.

Biology recognizes plants as complex and intelligent creatures. Society has recently expressed a need for more green spaces in the city. What does the awakening of plants as living entities mean for the current state of landscape architecture?

At Rapperswiler Tag 2021, we address plants as ubiquitous unknowns. We allow ourselves to become surprised by new perspectives, images, and research results, and wonder how and whether a new view of plants can inspire and inform landscape architecture.

Stinging nettle or wasabi? Does the current biodiversity crisis threaten the freedom of design, or do plants lead us along new paths that have us exploring unfamiliar tastes, sensations, and burning-hot ideas?

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OST Ostschweizer Fachhochschule
BSLA Bund Schweizer Landschaftsarchitekten und Landschaftsarchitektinnen
SIA Schweizerischer Ingenieur- und Architektenverein

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